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We applaud your support because you stand for the arts!

with the incredible impact on community through the arts!

  The arts has been cut again and again and yet communities commit to a struggle to keep their children experiencing the arts.  
     YOU can be a central part of our organization.   Be a MEMBER, DONATE, VOLUNTEER or even send us your ideas or suggestions.

Send Checks to:
The Pennsylvania Performing Arts Company
2665 Skippack Pike
Worcester, Pa. 19490
(Please include your name, address, telephone and email so we can thank you propertly)

Why support the Arts?

     When students are producing music, theatre or dance, they experience history, collaboration, development from beginning to end.  They find themself by exploration in worlds that encourages them to experiment with their innerself.  Their self worth and self respect grow as they find their strengths and understand their weaknesses.   They apply systems for expression, yet creatively explore ways to manipulate and process new ideas.  They learn how their passion can make them successful.  Completing a performance builds confidence and self esteem which is a major part of individual success in every career path.  Take some time to ask your mentors if they ever played an instrument, took a dance class, performed on stage.  Many to most will tell you they did and this is why the arts is an integral part of shaping the lives of young people and helping the lives of adults.
     Whether it is seeing a musical, orchestra or listening to a band, the enjoyment of the arts is no doubt an integrated part of every culture’s lifestyle.  
The arts is social, personal and educational.  A package that will assist those who partake in it to find quality of lifestyle, to give back to society, to understand needs of each other and themselves. They will also acquire skills that lead to goal accomplishments, gain appreciation of cultures and diversity and finally be happy with themselves for their recognized achievement.

What have we done?

    The Pennsylvania Performing Arts Theatre has sponsored events for many programs including a Spring Gala of performances including excerpts from a ballet as well as choreography competition winners and music competition winners.  Solely supported by tickets for each event.  The non profit has also sponsored an annual performance of “The Nutcracker.”    
    A scholarship fund was also organized. PPAC has given over $10,000.00 in the past 5 years to students for classes in the arts.  Presently, the program has sponsored a number of youth musical theatre performances.  Priority has been given to the performance area for the students and the rehearsal areas.
    The Pennsylvania Performing Arts performs in the Pennsylvania Performing Arts theatre.  In 2016, a new stage was purchased for the theatre, backdrop LED lights, backstage rooms on either sides of the stage, one with a bathroom.  We have acquired a restaurant license, had air testing and monthly water testing.  Raised the ceilings in the theatre area.
We are presently placing in two new heaters because the building is comprised of four heaters and we are using donations to slowly replace all.
    The Theatre is owned by the Conservatory of Music and Dance who holds their classes here and provides PPAC with accommodations based on our performances and rehearsals.

What are our short term goals? Where will donations go?

The Pennsylvania Performing Arts performs in the Pennsylvania Performing Arts theatre.  In 2016, a new stage was purchased for the theatre, backdrop LED lights, backstage rooms on either sides of the stage, one with a bathroom.  Our goal for 2017 is the following:
  • Upgrades to the lighting in the parking lot
  • Maintenance to the parking lot
  • Raise the next ceiling in the theatre area and extend the curtain.
  • Purchase a valance for the curtain.
  • New doors in the music room and hall area.
  • Painting of the building and front columns
  • Purchase of the Pennsylvania Performing Arts Company sign for the road.  Approvals are already in place with the township.
  • Excess money for the year is given to scholarships through our essay competition and any benefits that arise for local needs or charities.

What are your long term Goals?

  • Community Theatre
  • Children’s Dinner Theatre. This means that we will need to upgrade some of the kitchen.  
  • Possible addition to allow for more theatre space and rehearsal areas.
  • Annually upgrading to make this a pristine place for the Pennsylvania Performing Arts Company to hold most of our performances.

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